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Wipe My PC .com Provides a Secure Drive Wipe software utility to automatically wipe hard drives & erase pc data completely & irretrievably. Wipe your drive now easily and without hassle.

AutoWipe PC © is a uniquely easy to use software product that enables home and business users to securely wipe their home PC, Laptop or Server – Without ANY technical knowledge required.

AutoWipe PC © lets you step back while the techy part gets done automatically, leaving you to get on with your day job; our unique software algorithm completely wipes ANY computer hard drive thus making data retrieval impossible.

There are many different solutions out there on the web for securely wiping computers, but no other product makes the process so easy and hassle free.

No CD’s or ANY other media is required

For years now I have been working with businesses large and small helping them to improve their IT and the security of their systems; during that time I have been shocked to see that before AutoWipe PC © there has been no simple, coherent, easy to use method of wiping individual computers that is accessible to everyday people.

All the other methods I have used previous to AutoWipe PC ©  require a level of technical knowledge, either through burning my own CD’s, assembling different products together or just from having to understand so much computer jargon, which is often meaningless and without any support as often the products are ‘Open Source’.

We now offer AutoWipe PC 2012 Personal Edition and 2013 Business Pro editions!

I finally decided to create AutoWipe PC © after seeing friends and family struggling with viruses, they want to rebuild their computers with the peace of mind that the virus will have been totally destroyed, and also from seeing them recycle their old computers but without first securely wiping the personal information from the hard drives; personal data is all too often used by criminals to commit identity theft and other types of fraud.

AutoWipe PC © provides normal everyday users the ability to safely, easily and most of all securely erase all data from their computers; thus making it easier to recycle, rebuild or dispose of their home computer with absolute peace of mind that the data contained on the hard drives is totally safe from prying eyes and criminal gangs.

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Thanks for your time today,

Max Angelou.

Product Designer/Creator of AutoWipe PC ©

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